About us

Our company

Online Store by Authentic Bhutanese is the official art® store to purchase online Bhutanese Handicraft & art products, all of these products and services are delivered within our store as a special gift, creating unforgettable experiences with it.

We are the perfect accomplices to create unique moments and memories that will never be forgotten! with our product,

By buying into our Online Store you're assured of quality and service that characterizes the authenticity and quality. We will be sure to make the best gift no matter the occasion.

Our Model for Impact

We team up with local artisans to sell products that are designed and developed in Bhutan using traditional techniques, local materials, and a genuine aspiration to bring love into the world. 

By sharing the beauty of Bhutan, we support a growing ecosystem that empowers artisans and local enterprises.  Artisans receive an 80% commission for each sale they make on the site.

And artisans, importantly, receive feedback from international audiences for how they can sharpen and improve their craft.  

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