These incense sticks are named after one of the main ingredients, cinnamon. It is a high-quality product which is prepared similarly to hand rolled incense stick with the best ingredients from the Himalayas.

Weight: 300 g

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These incense sticks are very special for RIWO SANGCHOE and SURZEY. They are prepared according to old recipes and contain a mixture of sandalwood and special aromatic herbs from the Himalayas, which are gathered by hand. Additionally, fruits are added to the other ingredients. This gives the high-quality rods a special touch. The harmonious, gentle scent is fresh and flavourful. The smell captures you and carries you into another world.

Unlike other incense stick, this are about 22 cm long (double). In addition, one package contains about 32 pieces. The burning time of one stick is approximately 90 minutes.

Netweight: 300 grams

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