Green Tara

Tara is the mother of all the Buddhas and she has multiple emanations.She is a saviouress, supreme protectress, bestower of long life, fulfiller of earthly desire and the mother of all Buddhas. Her color is white as the moon and as clear as a clear crystal gem and radiates an uncompromising light of purity.

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Tara the mother of all Buddhas has multiple emanations. The one who perches in the center of the lotus flower with her color representing a blend of white, yellow, and blue is the Green Tara or protectress of Beings from the Eight Great Terrors. Her three blends of colors symbolise the functions of pacifying, increasing and destroying. She is always ready to come to your rescue whenever you invoke her. She is the greatest protectress against all harm and ill will. Whenever you are trapped in any kind of terrifying situation, you can invoke her and the fear within you will soon be vanished bestowing upon you the courage to overcome the fear. It is like a child who s fearless in presence of his mother and if we pray to the Green Tara, we will never fear to anybody or at any kind of terrifying situation. She will protect us from our eight perils. So, always pray to her for leading a fearless life.

Compositions Rock pigments, natural colour and 24 k gold
Styles Classic
Properties Painted on fine cotton using natural colour. No chemical being used.

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